December 31, 2018

New Year's Resolutions - Writing Prompt (December 2018)

Photo Credit: Ministry of the Presidency. Government of Spain via Wikimedia
Princess Leonor of Spain would win our award for "Most Improved" in 2018!
For our December writing prompt, I wanted to focus on New Year's Resolutions.  New Year's Resolutions are your goals for the coming year. They often focus on personal growth or otherwise improving life in general.

They are often high, lofty goals we fall in two weeks or two days. But they speak a lot about our desires and dreams.

Fun Writing Prompt:
  • Write a list of at least 10 New Year's Resolutions for your character.
    • If you find this too difficult try writing New Year's Resolutions for a real life royal, either looking ahead at their goals for 2019, or pretend it is New Years 2018 and you are writing out your goals for 2018.  
Serious Writing Prompt:
  •  Write a list of at least 3 writing-related New Year's Resolutions for yourself. 
    •  Think hard about what your writing goals are and what you think you can reasonably manage.  
[One of my writing-related New Year's Resolutions is to get my monthly writing prompt & book review out in a more timely fashion.] 

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November 29, 2018

5 Senses - Writing Prompt (November 2018)

Photo Credit: Allan-Hermann Pool
[CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons
For our November writing prompt, I wanted to focus on the 5 senses, as that has been one of the things on the back of my mind during NaNoWriMo

The 5 senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Including the 5 senses will help to make your writing more vivid. And it will allow your reader to better imagine your setting, characters and events.

You don't need to use all five everytime you describe something. But you also don't want to limit yourself by only using sight and hearing.

Writing Prompt:

Write a scene, using each of the 5 senses, twice.

For a more challenging writing prompt:
Each time you are describing something,  rolling a die, or use a number generator, to pick a random sense. 
If you roll: 
1 - Sight
2 - Hearing
3 - Taste
4 - Smell
5 - Touch
6 - You choose!
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November 9, 2018

Royal Wedding Book Giveaway - Part 2

It is hard to believe it has been almost 6 months since Harry & Meghan's Royal Wedding. It was such a wonderful, special day, that I'm sure we would all love to experience over and over again. Well, Dover Publications would like to help you with that daydream, with their two books:

Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Coloring Book (by Teresa Goodridge) and Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Paper Dolls (by Eileen Rudisill Miller)

Dover Publications is giving away 4 copies to The Royal Novelist readers! (Details on how to enter & a 25% off code at bottom of the page.) (As part of this review, I was given a free copy of the books.)

Giveaway - Part 1 (6.5 months ago)
The two books we reviewed earlier this year:
Harry & Meghan: A Love Story Coloring Book
Harry & Meghan Paper Dolls
Earlier this year, Dover Publications released two books to celebrate Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Upcoming Wedding. We had the pleasure of reviewing and doing a giveaway for the two books, Harry & Meghan: A Love Story Coloring Book and Harry & Meghan Paper Dolls, on our other site Gert's Royals.

The books were lovely and a great way to celebrate the lead up to Harry & Meghan's wedding. But, to be frank, Dover has outdone themselves with the two new books. They have lavished time and attention to make these two new books even more exquisite and detailed than the first.

Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Coloring Book 
By Teresa Goodridge

This new book, Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Coloring Book, has 30 pages of beautifully drawn illustrations of the couple's wedding.

This is not some generic wedding coloring book that someone slapped Harry & Meghan's name on. It is actually scene pulled straight from the couple's wedding day. And as I have been comparing the drawings to the photos from the wedding, I am amazed by the level of real-life detail.

There are so many wonderful scenes, including Meghan's arrival at St. George's Chapel, the couple's vows and first kiss, and their delicious wedding cake.

Like any high-quality coloring book, the pages are printed on one side only and are perforated for easy removal. This really is a must for any Royal Fan, who loves coloring books.

Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Paper Dolls
By Eileen Rudisill Miller

This new book, Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Paper Dolls, is super fun! The book features Harry & Meghan's Wedding & Reception outfits along with other looks from the past year. There are 28 outfits for Meghan, along with a number of interchangeable hats and hairstyles, and 4 1/2 outfits for Harry. I absolutely love that they included two versions of the wedding dress, one with the veil covering her face, and one with the veil lifted. 

Each outfit includes a description of the look, the designer, and event it was worn. I love the attention to detail with the clothing. The designer even thought about the bags, jewelry, and hairstyle of the different looks. And since some of the hairstyles and hats are not connected to the outfits, you can mix and match.

The inside of the book's cover features a scene of the steps of St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. You can detach it and can use it as the background while you act out a scene with your paper dolls. 

What I think is the best thing about this book is that the dolls and clothes are interchangeable with Dover's earlier Harry & Meghan Paper DollsThe 1st book features more casual outfits and this 2nd book it a bit more formal. So the two books combine to create a complete wardrobe for any occasion or fantasy you want to act out.

Contest Closed:
Win a free copy of Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Coloring Book Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Paper Dolls! 

Congratulations to our 4 winners: @Tibreamrobinson (Twitter), @Solidmoonlight (Twitter), @Lady.M.Replikates (Instagram), & @Royal.replies.canada (Instagram). 
Contest ends November 23rd at 11:59 PM (London). 4 Winners will be chosen at random. (Open to USA & International, but two of the winner must be from the USA).

8 Ways to Enter: 

Twitter - Retweet the Post & Reply with your favorite Harry & Meghan moment. 
Instagram - Like the Post & Comment with your favorite Harry & Meghan moment. 
Facebook - Like the Post & Comment with your favorite Harry & Meghan moment. 
Tumblr - Like the Post & Reply with your favorite Harry & Meghan moment. 
If you are from the USA, it would be helpful if you could end your reply/comment with (USA), so we can make sure we get two USA winners (per the publisher's request.)

Didn't win and still want the books?
Dover Publishing is giving The Royal Novelist Readers 25% off both books through December 31st! Just use the code WDBF!

These two books would make wonderful Christmas gifts, for any Royal Fan!

Check out the Books Online!

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